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Blanket Music – Love Translation

(cd review)


Blanket Music
Love Translation

[Hush Records]

I have been really digging this disc of covers by Blanket Music lately. The band is the project of Hush Record’s Chad Crouch and though I’ve never really heard his stuff before, I’m really glad I scored a copy of disc 2 of their latest double CD release.

The Portland, OR band decided to make their 4th release a double CD with a slight catch. The first disc is called “The Love” and consists of an original “collection of love songs rooted wholly in earnestness.” However, the 2nd disc is called “Love Translation” and features the band covering different artists that are friends of the band.

This is a pretty neat idea, because they’ve covered some pretty familiar indie names… two of the most prominent being The Decemberists and M. Ward.

Actually, even if it weren’t for the covers (which are superbly rendered), I’m really digging Blanket Music’s mellow approach. Everything revolves around Crouch’s voice which is sort of a cross between Dean Wareham and Stuart Murdoch. The musical interpretation is tuneful and laid back, with Rhodes piano sprinkled nicely throughout the tracks.

I actually listened to most of the original songs by the artists back to back with the covers which was quite fun. One of the highlights for me was the cover of Norfolk & Western‘s “Impossible”… I confess I’m a huge fan of theirs so I knew this track already. Blanket Music’s version is slightly faster and a bit looser in feel, but nevertheless a great interpretation.

Now I’m interested in hearing the first disc…

Chad Crouch (vocals and guitar)
Dave Depper (bass)
Mike Johnson (rhodes electric piano)
Greg Lind (drums)


Impossible (Norfolk & Western cover)
Red Right Ankle (Decemberists cover)

Albums available on Itunes:

The Love / Love Translation (Hush 2006)
Cultural Norms (Hush 2004)
Move (Hush)
Nice (Hush)

Artist Website:

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