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Rogue Wave – Heroes Soundtrack

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Rogue Wave

[Sub Pop]

Ok, a confession: I’m not quite there on the cutting edge of TV shows. Yep, hard to believe but true. Only recently, I “discovered” the show Heroes because they’ve released all the episodes up until now on the web as a free stream. I’ve quickly become addicted.

In the pilot episode for Heroes and I think in a few of the other episodes there was an absolutely great acoustic song playing in the background. I knew right away it was an indie band, but I just couldn’t place it – for some reason it reminded me of a tender and sweet early Sebadoh song. Or maybe a solo Ben Gibbard thingy. It turns out that it’s called “Eyes” by Rogue Wave. It you go back to watch the pilot, you’ll recognize it as the song where they keep singing “in your eyes…” over and over again.

I did a quick search on the web and it’s apparently been used previously in the soundtrack to the movie Just Friends. I was trying to figure out why I hadn’t heard the song before because I’ve got both Descended Like Vultures and Out Of The Shadow. It turns out it’s a B-side for “Publish My Love”.

Rogue Wave is one of those bands who just took an inordinate amount of time to grow on me. It wasn’t until I heard “Eyes” and simultaneously checked out their cover of The Pixies’ Debaser that I realized how much I actually liked the band. Better late than never, eh? The phrase “Slicin’ up Eyeballs” never sounded so mainstream…

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